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How to Grow Your Subscriber List on Twitter – The Basics


If your email list is growing but you want it to grow faster, Twitter can help. Today, 42% of buyers learn about services and products through Twitter, and an almost equal number offer their opinions online. Twitter is an easy way to make an impression upon your followers, by giving them a preview of the content you’re putting together. Almost 34% of marketers use Twitter to acquire leads, and it’s an ideal channel to promote your email list, content and connect with your audience. Below are several ways to optimize Twitter content.

Add Images to Posts


Each tweet sent should be optimized for engagement, and including an image is an easy way to do it. 34% of followers say they are more likely to re-tweet content when an image is included. Shareable images need to be attention-getting, but they should also be relevant to the company’s brand. Keep text to a minimum, and size it at a 2:1 ratio. Test different color and element variations to determine what works best for you.

Optimize Content for Sharing


Including a “click and tweet” option with your eBooks and blog posts about products is a great way to encourage interaction with customers, just make sure yo have a professionally design ecover which you can design with a tool like content samurai auto voice. It allows content to be put in front of new audiences, who can then share it or sign up for your offer. This works particularly well for email content, such as e-courses and free resell rights membership.

Use Twitter Cards


At the first glance, Twitter cards are like special tweets. Along with the standard 140-character limit, a Twitter card can include content previews, videos and an explanation of pixel studio fx 3. While different Twitter cards can be used for multiple campaigns, the lead generation card is especially beneficial because it includes a call to action.

Tweet Pinning


Twitter provides you with the option to pin a tweet about your affiliate products or services to the top of your news feed, ensuring that new and repeat visitors see that post first. This is a trick I learned at Wealthy Affiliate when I was trying to figure out is wealthy affiliate legit. They definitely are. While any tweet can be pinned, this is an ideal chance for you to feature a lead magnet requiring an email address. One important thing you should do is ensure you’re linking your lead magnet to your website landing page. You can do this is WordPress with one of these best wp landing page plugins so that you can convert any twitter visitors you get into email subscribers. Then make sure you have a good autoresponder series setup that automatically send out emails to build a relationship with your list.

Monetizing Your Tweets

One of the most common tactics to monetizing tweets, is to join top affiliate programs in your market and use those products as up-sells or onetime offers once someone joins your list. For more info and to learn about affiliate marketing, you can join one of the best affiliate marketing courses to equip yourself and your business with the knowledge to quickly become a professional affiliate and integrate it into your sales funnel. This is a “ninja” twitter monetization tactic used by top marketers around the world.

Are You Ready to Start Sharing?


You will want to be posting tweets about your products and service regularly, daily is best but weekly works too. You can also post about the same product or service many times, just be sure to write the tweet in various ways, or use a content rewriter tool to achieve this. I know many marketers that use Spin Rewriter, which can quickly and easily create many variations of the same tweet with a few clicks on your mouse. Many coaches use coach glue plr content then spin it, and post it to twitter as tweets. This saves time from writing it yourself and money from hiring expensive writers.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a good way to grow an email list, especially if you’re using resell rights weekly ebooks and giving them away on twitter. because it lets you target an audience who already follows your company, while still allowing you to get content in front of new viewers. By following the tips above, you can maximize your Twitter marketing efforts for your twitter business marketing campaigns.